Automatic IP Updater with Ubuntu

IP address
Recently I worked on a project that required that I set up temporary access to my home network from outside the network. Knowing that I have a dynamic IP address that constantly changes, I had to set up a way to always have the latest IP address. DynDNS used to be my primary choice for something like this until the free accounts went away. S [...]

Google Play Nudestand *Graphic*

Google Play Newsstand has recently gone through many changes, but one change that has still not been added  – even after multiple complaints from users – is content control for the Highlights section. Google does not allow users to choose what “news sources” are allowed to be shown in the Highlights section, and appare [...]

Xeoma on Ubuntu

Xeoma on Ubuntu
If you are looking for powerful professional surveillance software on Linux for your IP cameras like I was you may want to give Xeoma a try! When it comes to IP cam security software for Linux there are not many choices. I first started using ZoneMinder but after an awful long time playing with settings and trying to get it set up to work we [...]

Lightworks on Linux

  If you are looking to edit video on Linux there are many free options available (OpenShot, Cinelera, Kdenlive…) While all of those programs work and with some time can get basic jobs done, none of them are quite up to par with Lightworks. Most of them have an ugly UI, a shortage of good built in effects, and some of them are uns [...]

Death of a “Fair Hand”

Fair Hand
Below are images of an article I wrote by hand, in hopes of inspiring people to take an interest in this almost dead art of handwriting. The pen is a wonderful instrument to those that know how to use it. Click images For a larger more readable view. Scroll down for a typed version for those who cant read the images above. If you cannot rea [...]

ArtFlow or SketchBook Pro

Sketch Book Pro and ArtFlow
If you are an artist looking to move into the digital world, then you might want to take a look at SketchBook Pro and ArtFlow. Both of these apps are fantastic for drawing and painting a digital masterpiece, and both have free versions in the Play Store that will let you get your feet wet and start creating amazing digital art. SketchBook Pr [...] Review Review
This week’s Vape Store Review will be on Vapor Kings has been around online for a few years if not longer, and also has multiple retail locations that are growing. I first ordered from Vapor Kings in 2012. Before 2012 I had been ordering my supplies directly from the manufactures to ensure I received the quality I desire [...]

Vape Shop Review

Vape Shop Review
In the future weeks, I will be adding reviews of local and online vape shops that I have ordered from in the past, which will hopefully help those of you who are newer to vaping find the right place to order from. I have been vaping since around 2007. In the beginning I was only doing it on and off because of frustrations with the quality of [...]

BYOD Has Negative Impact On Employees

BYOD Has Negative Impact On Employees
BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device”. Companies all over the world are starting to move toward fully implementing BYOD policies. These policies are great for a company. They still have the security, they get more daily hours of productivity and they no longer have to pay for the devices. This all sounds great for business, but let& [...]

The War On E-Cigarettes

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a family get together. Shortly after arriving I felt the urge to use my e-cigarette. To be polite as I always am when in a house that is not my own, I asked the hosts if they would mind me using my e-cigarette inside. The response I received was the same response that I get from everyone who’s only [...]